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The First Tour of Marble Church Arts Centre

In April 2008, the community was invited to tour the building.
Here are a few highlights from that day.
marble church

The Marble Church Arts Centre
open front doors
The open front doors give a first glimpse of the interior
The ceiling
The ceiling in the main part of the building is made of wood.
View from door
View from the front entrance door upon entering the church

the pulpit area
Preliminary discussions on how to re-work the pulpit area for a stage have begun.
the Pews
Another view of the Pews and windows from the entrance

This view from the former pulpit area shows the polished wooden pews
The Centre Aisle
A view of the Centre Aisleupon entering the church
window inside
Here is a window as seen from inside the building.
windows inside
A pair of windows as seen from inside the building.
 Performance Space
Here is the Performance Space to be.
gallery, workshop space
A large, high-ceilinged room behind the main part of the building will provide an excellent gallery, workshop, or performance space.
A view of the kitchen space behind the Gallery/Studio Area, to be converted to accessible washroom area.

window outside
This is one of the tall, partially stained glass windows as seen from outside.

Although the building is structurally sound, it required renovations before it reopened as an arts centre. T&AAC is doing extensive fund raising to pay for those and the purchase price.

photos - Carol Snell