that art thing poster

1st and 3rd Monday of month (Sept. - June), 9:30 - Noon, Lions Hall

That Art Thing! Is a new art club - starting Mon. April 2 with a 'paint together session' at the Lions Hall @9:30 am to noon- everyone welcome!In partnership with T&AAC and the Lions Club, a small group of local artists are creating an art club. Cost is $5 per day attended, no membership fee and the ability to come every week or whenever time permits. Coffee, tea and snacks will be available for a small donation.

Once the club is established, and has some extra funds, the group can plan tutorials and demonstrations to add to the knowledge and fun. Club members could also offer their expertise in some area of art. That is the main reason for painting together - the exchange of ideas and experience.

Each club member will bring their own materials including drop cloths for the tables and the floor, to keep paint, etc. off the hardwood floor.

If you are interested in learning more about this new art club or joining, bring your art materials on April 2, or contact Maril or Barb