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The Tweed & Area Arts Council

is an entirely volunteer organization.
The annual general meeting is held each September in Tweed, Ontario.


The Beginning

A group of enthusiastic, community-minded artisans and others, of Tweed and Area, met and saw there was a need TO ENRICH THE CULTURAL LIFE OF THE COMMUNITY. Thus the Tweed & Area Arts Council (T&AAC) was born.

The Tweed & Area Arts Council was founded on the belief that the arts are for everyone.
The Vision Statement of the Tweed & Area Arts Council is: to enrich the cultural life of the community by promoting awareness of and appreciation for the arts in the entire Tweed and area community.
The suggested mission statement for the newly created organization is:
- To encourage, foster, develop, promote and sustain the cultural life of our local and area communities, thus enabling it to achieve its creative, social and economic potential
- To help build a stronger community and enrich personal experience Culture can act as the economic engine that drives municipalities toward growth and prosperity.
- To encourage creation and interaction thus celebrating the richness of creative expression and human endeavor
- To advocate support and services not only to artists and organizations within our community but individuals and tourists alike
- To promote education and history
The Arts to be included in T&AAC are: Dance, Inter-related Arts, Media Arts, Music, Theatre,
Visual Arts, Writing and Publishing.
Members of the first Board: 2006 - 07
L. to R.: Mitch LeSage, Don Herbertson (Vice Chair), Sheila-Marie Youmansdonatella,
Wanita DeVries, Roely DeVries (Chair), Meriel Child Carol Snell, Jack Vance
Absent: Adrianne Marusinec (Treasurer)

The first edition of the T&AAC Newsletters was issued in the spring of 2006 with Gill Sparrow as Editor.

Thank you to the Young Family for their benefit concert on April 7th. at the Legion in Tweed.
It was a great success for the Tweed & Area Arts Council
The T&AAC Logo
logo of TAAC

An official logo for T&AAC was chosen through a contest.
The winner was Lidka Schuch selected from 23 entries. Lidka is a graphic artist who spends time in Tweed. She is president of Studio L, writer and illustrator for Graphic Exchange Magazine, author of "Lidka's Tips" series of booklets and "Moving from QuarkXPress to Adobe In Design" guide, regular Adobe software tester.

Thank you to all those who submitted entries, especially the youngsters for their imaginative logos.
The three runners-up were Liz Van Dyk, Shirley Ivison and Susan Rightmyer.

The First Scarecrow Contest was held in the fall of 2006

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The Proposal

For the March and a subsequent session of Tweed Council Wayne Kay prepared, presented and negotiated a proposal and a follow-up business plan to help us acquire the Actinolite Church for the purpose of establishing a community arts centre 

We held our first Writers Competition this year.

T&AAC Gains Charitable Status.

We have officially received our "Letters of Patent" and the Tweed & Area Arts Council is now officially incorporated as a charitable organization. We are awaiting confirmation that we have been approved as a charitable organization with the ability to give tax receipts for donations.

Our Goals:
  • To encourage, foster, develop, promote and sustain the cultural life of our citizens and local communities.
  • To develop a closer relationship between artists and the community by promoting education and heritage.
  • To act as advocates for the arts and organizations supporting the arts.
  • To promote effective communication within the Arts Council, with all levels of government, and with the communities at large.
  • To establish a centre for the arts.
  • To encourage coordination of the arts and cultural activities.
  • To act as a long range planning body for the arts.
  • To collaborate closely with the Municipality of Tweed.
  • To encourage youth participation in the arts.
Our First Major Fundraising Activity

"A Christmas Carol" was a huge success. Over 200 tickets were sold. Everyone who attended this performance would agree that it was a fun-filled evening and a great way to start celebrating Christmas! We will keep you informed for our plans for next year.

MPP Leona Dombrowsky has added her support regarding the acquisition of the church.
TNT has a building fund and, in principle, will work with T&AAC in the purchase of a building.

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Purchase of the Marble Church

On Thursday, Feb. 15, 2008, legal papers were signed and the marble church in Actinolite owned by the United Church became the property of the Tweed & Area Arts Council. The hamlet of Actinolite lies a few kilometers north of the Village of Tweed on Hwy. 37.

A plaque on the lawn explains the long, proud history of the church.
The historic beauty of the building will be maintained throughout; where possible, materials and equipment will be purchased from area suppliers; and the work to be done will be carried out by area tradespeople and contractors.
No work will be done until the money is on hand to carry it out.

If all goes according to plan, the Marble Church Arts Centre will open 145 years after construction on the building began.

Grants Update
Grants have been received or committed -- from the John M. Parrott Foundation and from Community Futures
Our First Loan Repayment
photo of Tweed Council with members of TAAC

T&AAC presented a $10,000 cheque to the Tweed Municipal Council as the first repayment on loan.

Our First "Jack Vance Golf Classic" Tournament
golf classic logo

Held on Sunday, July 13, 2008 at Poplars Golf Club, the Jack Vance Golf Classic raised funds through registration, donations and hole sponsorships.

Our Own Website

Two Loyalist College students are offering their skills in the arts and communications to the Tweed & Area Arts Council.
The Tweed & Area Arts Council is currently working on establishing its own website.

Grants Update
To date, grants have been received by or committed to the Tweed & Area Arts Council.
Special thanks are extended to Don Herbertson for his perseverance and dedication in pursuing these funds.
Open Houses

TAAC hosted two open houses at the Marble Arts Centre. Both were very well attended and the members thank the community for the obvious support that was shown for the project.
Thank you for all your donations!

Grants Update
Grants have been received from (Rural Development Grant) the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

the Tweed Branch of the CIBC.

Hastings County Economic Development Fund

Bayshore Credit Union

TD Canada Trust Madoc

The Board acknowledges and appreciates the generous donation from the Lions Club and two donors who wish to remain anonymous


We are pleased to announce that Judith Best has accepted the position of Archivist for the Tweed & Area Arts Council. Welcome Judith!

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Grants Update

- AON Inc. - this year and another in 2010.

Reception at the Marble Arts Center
photo of honoured guests

Honoured Guests
left to right - Wayne Kay, (business advisor); Jim Flieler, (Tweed Council);
Leona Dombrowsky, (MPP); Don Herbertson, (Chair, T&AAC);
Joanne Albert, (Reeve, Municipality of Tweed);
Justin Bray, (Tweed Council);
Dorothy Shaw, (Chapman Women's Institute - made a donation to us);
Joe Kurek, (Studio 737 - donated a painting to the Arts Centre and T&AAC).

Another Loan Repayment
photo of Tweed Municipal Council and TAAC Members

T&AAC presented a $8,000 cheque to the Tweed Municipal Council.

Trillium Foundation Grant
trillium foundation logo
December 15, 2009

The Tweed & Area Arts Council t has received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which is an agency of the Ontario Government.

We are extremely grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation and especially to Elizabeth Churcher, the OTF regional advisor and assessor. Without her belief in and outstanding support of the Marble Church Arts Centre project, this grant would not have been made.

The money will allow us to continue the renovation and upgrade work and bring the opening day even closer. We will be able to complete interior and exterior repairs and restore the beautiful windows. The members will make draperies from special material treated with flame retardant and we will install magnetic windows, which are much more effective than double glazed windows in retaining heat in the winter. Much of the necessary electrical work will also be completed with this grant. 2010 is going to be a very busy and productive year for the T&AAC. The first installment has been received and the final installment will come in June of 2010.

Don Herbertson, Chair

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Board Members 2010

photo of TAAC board 2010

Board of Directors 2010:

left to right sitting front - Richard Rashotte, Maril Swan, Meriel Child, Jane Szilvassy, Jack Vance.

Sitting behind front - Roely DeVries, Bonnie Marentette

Standing - Wayne Kay, Don Herbertson

Government of Canada's Enabling Accessibility Fund Program Grant
February 10, 2010

Grant for Marble Arts Centre will make it more accessible.

The Tweed & Area Arts Council is very pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Government of Canada's Enabling Accessibility Fund Program.

Don Herbertson, Chair of the Arts Council said, "This money will allow us to make the Marble Arts Centre completely accessible to everyone. A barrier-free washroom is now completed. Exterior work on a wheelchair ramp and drop-off area will begin as soon as warmer weather permits.

Since acquiring the Marble Arts Centre in 2008, the Tweed & Area Arts Council has been working very hard to renovate and upgrade this beautiful, historic building. With the support of individuals, groups and corporations as well as municipal, provincial and federal governments, the Marble Church Arts Centre is being transformed into an exciting and vibrant community arts centre. This most recent grant from the Enabling Accessibility Fund takes us one step closer to our goal of offering inclusive facilities for all the arts in the Municipality of Tweed."

For further information contact Don Herbertson, 613-478-2747, or by email: don.herbertson@iistweed.ca

First Performance in the Marble Arts Centre

May 8, 2010

The first performance at the Marble Arts Centre featured The Young Family with a capacity crowd enjoying the music.

The Alberta Young Memorial Jamboree not only had the Young Family (Gary,Brad and Jeff) playing but also featured many talented local artists helping to raise money for a new sound system for the Marble Arts Centre. Once the sound system is installed at the centre it will have an insignia in memory of Alberta Young.

Community Futures Development Corp. of North & Central Hastings and South Algonquin Grant
June, 2010

We have received a grant from Community Futures Development Corporation of North & Central Hastings and South Algonquin. The funds will be used toward the purchase of basic stage lighting (now in place), a lap top computer, projector and screen. The projection equipment and lap top will make us capable of showing films in the Marble Arts Centre - classic films which are in the public domain that you can't see anywhere else, as well as first run films once we have sufficient funds to purchase the necessary licence.
Don Herbertson, Chair of T&AAC said, "We hope to begin showing movies this fall. And along with each feature movie, there will always be a classic cartoon or a short subject. Detailed information of the schedule will be coming soon. Watch for it!"
Tweed & Area Arts Council (T&AAC) sets: record with yet another payment of $l0,000
September, 2010

In 2008 the Tweed & Area Arts Council requested. that the Municipality of Tweed provide it with a business loan of $75 ,000 which it would repay with interest over l0 years. In the past 30 months T&AAC has raised funds and renovated what was the only marble church in Canada to a community arts centre, brought the first of ongoing events to the community and with this payment, has paid down the loan by $59,956. A balance of business acumen, volunteer initiative and the desire to provide the residents of greater Tweed area (gTa) with art, plays and cultural activity have fuelled what has been a major accomplishment for T&AAC and the community.
photo of TAAC
 making loan repayment

From left, Municipality of Tweed Deputy Reeve, Gord Benson; councilor, Brian Treanor; Wayne Kay, T&AAC Director and Business Advisor presented a $10,000 cheque to Reeve, Joanne Albert; Justin Bray, councillor and Jim Flieler Councilor.

First Classic Movie shown at the Marble Arts Centre

October, 2010

The best classic films from the 30's, 40's and 50's
Our projection equipment and lap top will make us capable of showing films in the Marble Arts Centre; classic films which are in the public domain that you can't see anywhere else, as well as first run films once we have sufficient funds to purchase the necessary licence.
Check the Lineup!

Young Family presents cheque to T&AAC
December, 2010

Don Herbertson, Chair, Tweed and Area Arts Council (C) accepts a cheque from the Young Family, proceeds of CD sales from the Alberta Young Memorial Jamboree CD. This funding will be used for the sound system at the Marble Church Arts Centre which has already been purchased in the amount of $3100. A portion of the cost has already been raised for the sound system with only a bit more to raise until the sound system has been paid for. The Young Family will be performing at the Marble Arts Centre on May 6th, 2011.
photo of TAAC
 receiving chueque from Youngs

From left Ann-Marie Baumhour, Jeff Young, Don Herbertson, Gary Young and Brad Young.
The Tweed News/Rodger Hanna

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T&AAC makes final payment seven years ahead of schedule

January, 2011

In the summer of 2007 the Tweed and Area Arts Council, a charitable, not-for-profit, volunteer organization, entered into discussion with the Municipality of Tweed proposing that the arts will be an increasingly important component necessary to foster the growth and cultural fabric of the greater Tweed area (gTa) community. As a result of those discussions T&AAC proposed to provide a community art centre which would contribute to the cultural well being and growth of the arts in the gTa. In February 2008, with Council's support the Municipality made a business loan to T&AAC which with interest was to be repaid over a ten year period. T&AAC subsequently purchased the historic, nineteenth century, Actinolite United Church and began the transformation of this marvelous facility into a vibrant, handicapped accessible community arts centre for use by the residents and by the artists in the community. Throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010 T&AAC leveraged on the untiring initiative of its members, community

volunteers and, fund raising activity including federal and provincial grants, such that local trades could renovate what is now the Marble Arts Centre (MCAC). The MCAC facility is now available and open to all of the arts; musicians, artists and actors for a wide range of events including theatre, music, dance, sculpture, painting, film and writing activities. MCAC serves the greater Tweed area and is also available for community, service club, family and private events. T&AAC will host an official

opening of the Marble Arts Centre (MAC) June 11, 2011. With the January 11th payment of $12,186 to the Municipality of Tweed, T&AAC has completed the repayment of the loan in full with interest, seven years and one month ahead of schedule. The Tweed and Area Arts Council would like to thank the members of Tweed Council, the Municipality of Tweed and the many volunteers and contributors for their ongoing support and success of this community based initiative.

Municipality receives final payment from T&AAC
Don Herbertson, Chair, Tweed and Area Arts Council presented the final payment of a loan from the Municipality of Tweed to Jo-Anne Albert, Reeve. T&AAC re-paid the loan they received from the Municipality, over seyen years ahead of schedule.
Pictured, back row, from left, Don DeGenova, Councillor; Jim Flieler, Councillor; Wayne Kay, Business Advisor, T&AAC; Brian Treanor, Deputy Reeve
and Justin Bray, Councillor.

Rodger Hanna - Tweed News

Parrott Donation to Arts Centre

May, 2011

The Tweed & Area Arts Council (TAAC) Executive met for their bimonthly meeting May 4th. Agenda items included committee reports, upcoming events and other business.

During her report, Art in the Park Director, Maril Swan, relayed that there has been a Slow start to Art in the Park this year. Scheduled for the second weekend in August, there are only ten committed artists so far. Swan noted that secondary school students have been asked to present their artistic works, new this year. Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact Maril at 613- 478-5003.

Also acting as Workshop Coordinator for the Arts Council, Swan announced that the Arts Centre programming, which featured woodcarving, watercolour, pastel and acrylic painting workshops, held from January to April, was a success. New ideas for next year include the possibility of shorter classes, evening sessions and scheduling from April to June and September to November.

Discussion ensued surrounding the possibility of offering the Marble Arts Centre as an off-site campus for Loyalist College. Loyalisr would market the courses, pay instructors'fees and rental fees,

using the Centre from September to November and April to June. TAAC Chair Don Herbertson said the idea was "worth pursuing" and it was agreed that Swan should look into more details.

Finally, Swan reported that TAAC was asked to support the Tweed Tribute to Elvis juried art contest, set to run until June 30th. Members agreed to judge the submitted art which will be on display at the Tweed & Area Heritage Centre throughout the month of August.

Other points of business included Arts Centre maintenance, the Jack Vance Golf Classic, the first annual pig roast and the grand opening of the Marble Arts Centre, scheduled for Saturday, June llth. It was suggested, due to "phenomenal" heating costs incurred this past season, that the Arts Centre be closed from mid December until the end of February. With the hope of reducing operating costs, the proposed closure would involve moving all art, and possibly the piano, from the main performance area to the better insulated reception room as well as bleeding all water lines.

The Jack Vance Golf Classic is set to run June 12th with a shotgun start at 11:00 a.m. Jack himself noted that teams from Petawawa, Ottawa, Brockville, Belleville and Kingston are

expected to play this year. Also set to play is Vance's son, Brigadier General Jonathan Vance who will be the featured speaker at the Marble Arts Centre's grand opening the Saturday before, an event Director Wayne Kay hopes will see "standing room only". Golf tournament co-chair, Meriel Child, stressed the importance of teams registering prior to the event for planning purposes. This is the fourth annual tournament in honor of the retired Lieutenant General and founding TAAC member, with funds raised at last year's classic alone. The June 12th tournament will mark the first golf toumament of the season at Poplars Golf Course. For more information, please visit www.tweedartscouncil.ca.

This September 24th will mark the first annual pig roast at Tweed's Memoriai Park, a partnership between TAAC and the Tweed Kiwanis Club. A natural follow-up to the 'Elvis' goat, Elvis' fundraiser of last year, the theme for the roast is 'A feast fit for a King!'A 110 lb pig on a spit will be slow roasted before the Kiwanis Pavilion, with serving between 1-4 pm. Tickets will be pre-sold only, so hurry into the following merchants to get yours! Tickets are available at The Tweed News, The Food Company, Bush Furniture, Dellar's I.D.A and from Kiwanis and TAAC members.

photo of TAAC
 receiving cheque from Parrott Foundation

The Tweed & Area Arts Council were pleased to be the recent recipients of a $10,000 donation from the John M. and Bernice Parrott Foundation.
Board of Directors Members, from left Jack Vance, Wayne Kay, Meriel Child, Don Herbertson, Maril Swan, Roely DeVries and Bonnie Marentette advised the funds will be used for ongoing maintenance of the Marble Arts Centre.

The Tweed News/Shannon Binder Bray

Writers' Competition winners announced
writer winners 2011
May 2011  
The Tweed & Area Arts Council announced the winners of their annual Writers' Competition the afternoon of May 30th at the Marble Arts Centre in Actinolite. Presenting awards to the.four winners were Arts Council members Meriel Child (far left), Elizabeth Churcher (second from left) and Don Herbertson (far right). Winners were Casey DeVries St-Jacques (back row, third from left) who wrote a poem entitled Never Let Me Go in the grade 9-12 category, Alfred Fraser (back row, second from right) who wrote a poem on My Changing World in the adult category, Isaac Beatty (front row, left) who wrote a poem on his favorite toy in the grade 1-3 category and Liam Best (front row, right) who wrote a poem on pollution in the grade 4-6 category. Churcher, who co-judged the 55 submitted poems and short stories, relayed her delight that "people of all ages enjoy writing." Watch in the coming weeks for the winners' published works. Winning entries may also be viewed online at www.tweedartscouncil.ca.

Shannon Binder Bray - Tweed News

Celebrating the Marble Arts Centre
ribbon cutting at Marble Church
It's Official

The ribbon celebrating the official opening of the Marble Arts Center in Actinolite was cut June 11, 2011 by Major General Jonathan Vance. From left are Tweed & Area Council board members Roely DeVries, Jack Vance, Wayne Kay, Tweed reeve Jo-Anne Albert and Arts Council chair Don Herbertson.

After four years, the Marble Arts Centre has transformed itself from a dream to a reality, a dedicated local stage for performance, visual and literary arts and culture. The Tweed & Area Arts Council (TAAC), along with area supporters, celebrated the official opening of the Arts Centre in Actinolite throughout the afternoon of June 11, 2011.

Guests were welcomed to the Centre by bagpiper Corporal Lewis, from the Royal Canadian Regiment Canadian Forces Base in Gagetown, New Brunswick, compliments of the RCR through connections with Tweed's own Lt. Gen (Ret.) Jack Vance.

Two year old Emeth Vance, great great-nephew to Tweed & Area Arts Councilfounding member Jack Vance and first cousin, twice removed, to Major General Jonathan Vance, is awed by Colonel Lewis, bagpiper from the Royal Canadian Regiment Canadian Forces Base in Gagetown, New Brunswick, who welcomed guests to the June 11 official opening of. the Marble Arts Centre in Actinolite.

Jack, along with Roely DeVries and Don Herbertson were three of TAAC's founding (and remaining) board members who spearheaded the Marble Church Arts Centre project, beginning in 2007.

Once settled in the Pews, visitors were addressed by Wayne Kay, TAAC board member and Master of Ceremonies who spoke of the "majesty" of the Arts Centre, accomplished in such a short period of time. He noted that the gTa (greater Tweed area, a much kinder and gentler version of the Greater Toronto Area) is "blessed with much ... an abundance of recreation and sport facilities ... clean water, good neighbours and proximity to larger communities." In welcorning TAAC's Chair, Don Herbertson, Kay referred to him as (TAAC's) "hands on, tireless leader."

Herbertson addressed the house first by relaying the news that the Marble Church Arts Cente will keep the stage built by the IANA Theatre Company for their recent musical. He advised that the loan acquired from the municipality in order to purchase the Marble Church in 2008 has been paid back seven years ahead of schedule and extended his thanks on behalf of TAAC to all levels of supporting government, the mernbers, volunteers, grantors and individual, corporate and service club donors who helped make the dream of the Marble Church Arts Centre a reality. He said next on the improvements list was upgrades to the Centre's heating and air conditioning systems and promised the TAAC team will continue with improvements to "bring the Centre up to ll0%."

Jack Vance and his son
Father and son, Lt. Gen (Ret.) Jack Vance and Major General Jonathan Vance

Next on the agenda was a standing salute to Lt. Gen (Ret.) Jack Vance prior to the introduction of his son, and special guest speaker, Major General Jonathan Vance. Vance is the former Commander of Canadian and NATO Forces in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, is currently Chief of Staff Land Strategy and has just been promoted from Brigadier General.

Vance told the group he was asked to speak for the specific reason of relaying how the opening of the Marble Church Arts Centre masks community events in Afghanistan. He spoke of war experiences and offered an insightful take on what he labelled the "mystery and misconceptions" of war. He said "wars really don't count for anything save for what they produce in the end. Whether or not one believes in the act of war or not," he said, "was immaterial. The most important thing is how the conflict is going to be resolved." He spoke of the two main elements of

war - the initial fighting and act of taking down the enemy and then the rebuilding of at risk communities. Communities are powerful", he said, "given half a chance, they will rebuild. Breathing room, seed capital, low-level political leadership and, specifically, stakeholders," he said, "are the keys to success. The investment in things not just associated with survival, but in an increase in the quality of life," he said, "are attainable through the community coming together, the wisdom of an old soldier and the whole of a team. Much like accomplishment, of the realization of the Marble Church Arts Centre."

While the Major General admitted he was at the podium for an extended period of time, "give a General a microphone and it usually goes on. I'm like my Dad that way," he chided. Many agree that his message to "put power in the hands of the people to manage their own destiny" was clear. Major General Vance further relayed his pride and congratulations to his father and his team for their sucess with the Marble Church Arts Centre and said he hoped their vision would also inspire others.

Next to speak was Tweed's Reeve, Jo_Anne Albert, who visibly showed her respect and admiration to both Jack and his son. She relayed her pleasure on behalf of Tweed's Municipal Council for their support of the Arts Centre.The Marble Arts Centre has become an integral part of the cultural community of this municipatity." she sited noting further that Aleck Bell _ a Canadian Musical presentation by the IANA Threatre Company "equalled anything I have ever seen in Toronto." Reeve Albert congratulated the "passion" of the TAAC committee and their volunteers, adding, "volunteers are the building blocks of the community."

The afternoon welcomed financial donations from the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority and from Studio 737, which challenged other local businesses to provide a donation to "keep this place going." The celebration continues with refreshments served in the Jack Vance Studio.

The Tweed News/

Trillium Foundation invests in Tweed & Area Arts
On Thursday, August 4, 2011, Arts Council members announced their funding application to the Foundation had been approved. When combined with a previous commitment from the John M. and Bernice Parrott Foundation, the total funding will allow members to move forward with necessary upgrades to its Marble Arts Centre in Actinolite.

The funding has allowed for further upgrades to the Centre's heating system as well as the installation of air conditioning. The funding will also provide for the padding of the 120 year old church bench seating, an amenity audiences can expect to see and feel in the coming months. Previous upgrades to the 1864 Marble Church include a raised stage, production lighting, sound amplification and handicap accessibility. The Centre's history and ambiance make it a preferred backdrop for weddings, stage productions, meetings and family gatherings.

Largely managed by member services and community support, funding obtained throughout the past five years has enabled the Marble Church Arts Centre to become the rural hub it is today.

"These grants have allowed us to bring the Marble Church Arts Centre to a new level of comfort for our audiences," said Tweed & Area Arts Council Chair, Don Herbertson.

For further information contact Don herbertson at 613-478-2747

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Kiwanis Club supports Youth Theatre Program

The Spring Youth Theatre Program at the Marble Arts Centre was recipient of a donation from the Kiwanis Club of Tweed recently. There are 12 youths from grades 4-6 registered in the program who were instructed by Thomas Perry and Becky Lockhart. The Arts Council made a donation to the program with the Kiwanis Club matching that total. The Tweed Festival of Trees also donated in an earlier presentation with this funding to be used for the fall program. Wayne Kay, President of Tweed Kiwanis Club, presents the cheque to Bonnie Marentette, Tweed and Area Arts Council, while the youths are "seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil".


Tweed & Area Arts Council Recieves Grant

The T&AAC has received a grant from AON Inc. for continuing renovations and upgrades to the Marble Church Arts Centre.

AON Inc. is very well known for its support of our community and is the owner-operator of Moira Place Long Term Care Home.

T&AAC Chair Don Herbertson noted: "This is the second major grant from the AON group of companies.

AON Inc. was one of the very first contributors to the T&AAC shortly after we purchased the Actinolite United Church in 2008. We are extremely grateful for this support."

The grant will be paid in two instalments. The first has already been recieved and the second will be paid in 2013.

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Tweed & Area Arts Council Supports Youth Jazz Ensemble

youth jazz ensemble The Tweed & Area Arts Council recently donated $2,000 to the Gateway Community Health Centre Youth Jazz Ensemble which will be used for professional instruction. Jazz instructor Blair Yarranton, Bonnie Marenette, chair of T&AAC; Wayne Kay, director of T&AAC; and Carol-Ann Watson, Gateway Community Health Centre coordinator are joined by program students from Grades 5 to 8 in both local schools - St. Carthagh Catholic School and Tweed-Hungerford Senior School.
Renowned Wildlife Artists Donate Projection, Sound Pieces
TWEED - The Marble Arts Centre here is cheering the generosity of two of Canada's most renowned wildlife cinematographers.
TWeed area residents and noted outdoors video and film artists John Wilson and Denice Wilkins donated their used film projection and porta- ble sound equipment to the Tweed and Area Arts Council (T&AAC).
The equipment will be held in the Marble Arts Centre, but will be made available to other organizations in Tweed and the surrounding area.
Chair of the T&AAC Bonnie Marentette hopes the projection and sound equipment will be used to screen films and bring the community together.
Marrentette said the equipment will also be available to Wilson and Wilkins any time they like.
"It's only fair that they have access to it," she said.
Wilson felt that the Arts Centre seemed like a perfect fit for the donation.
"I love the idea of what they're trying to do here he said.
A lot of work went into saving the building known as the Marble Arts Centre - a reclaimed church - and Wilson said he and his wife are happy to help improve it in any way they can. While Wilson has no expectations in how the equipment is used, he hopes that it will make it easier for the Arts Council to put on presenta tions.
Shown here at a presentation last week are, from left, Chair of T&AAC, Bonnie Marentette, Roely DeVries, John Wilson, Don Herbertson, and Wayne Kay in front of the film projection equipment donated by John Wilson and wife Denice Wilkins.

Amber Van Wort
for Community Press

Decorated Watering Cans Silent Auction
Roely DeVries with watering can
Roely DeVries
Watering can anyone?

Roely DeVries displays one of 20 painted watering cans, this one painted by Tara Anderson, that are available as part of the Tweed and Area Arts Council's 'Decorated Watering Cans Silent Auction' The watering cans were designed by local artists with the bidding starting at $30.00 each. The watering cans will be displayed at different locations in the community throughout the summer including in some of the private garden participating in the Friends of the Tweed Library Garden Tour on JulY 6th, 2013.

The Tweed News
Rodger Hanna

T&AAC Donates to Tweed Summer Youth Theatre
The Tweed Summer Youth Theatre is a long standing Youth Program in Tweed. This program includes students from age 7 to 14. The three week program from July 2 to 18, creates a Musical and the second three week program from July 29 to August 15 is a Variety Show. The classes run from 9 until 1:30 pm five days a week.The final performance for each session is at the Marble Arts Centre on July 18 and August 15 at 2 pm and 7 pm. Everyone is welcome.

An initiative of the Tweed & Area Arts Council is to
encourage youth involvement in the arts. The Tweed Summer Youth Theatre is an excellent example of youth learning musical theatre with dance, and song; teamwork in a show cast; cooperation with others and having fun in the arts. T&AAC is very pleased to donate $1000 to the Tweed Summer Youth Theatre, which will be used for professional instruction.

There are spaces available for both sessions. The cost is $120 per child per session. For more information, call Sharon at 613-478-5504.

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'VOICES', compiled by Don Herbertson from the histories and humour of some of the residents of Moira Place and from seniors around the world. The players? Don DeGenova, Pat McMurtry, Brian Wallace, Jane Foster, and Jennifer Bagshaw, all directed by Roely Devries with technical expertise provided by Peter Kelly and Jeff Young. This unique event took place Sunday, June 22 at 2:30 p.m. at the Marble Arts Centre.

Boldrick Buses

The Tweed & Area Arts Council had the pleasure of putting together an art project that created a unique ambience and beautifies the down town area of Tweed. Wanita DeVries agreed to coordinate this project. She had approximately 500 buses, of varying sizes, cut out of a yellow weather-proof material. Most of these had been distributed to the local elementary school students to be painted and signed. In the spring, these buses were attached to the wire fence in front of Boldrick's Bus Yard. There is a plaque attached as well with all donors names listed.

The Tweed & Area Arts Council thanks the following for their generous support:
Boldrick Truck and Auto Centre
Bart Lackie
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All the volunteers
and Wanita DeVries,

without whom this project would not have happened.
Theatre Seating

The audiences at MAC will now be sitting on very comfortable plush theatre seats. The seating is the gift of a great man and resident of the gTa Lieutenant General Jack Vance. General Jack was a wonderful artist, a great soldier, a proud Canadian and a founding member of the Tweed & Area Arts Council. We are proud that the studio in the MAC is named in honour of General Jack.

Tweed & Area Arts Council receives Grant
The Tweed & Area Arts Council is very pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from the Federal Department of Heritage, Legacy Fund of the Building Communities Through Arts and Hertitage Program.

This grant, with matching funds from the T&AAC, thanks to a legacy from Jack Vance, will be used to complete renovations and upgrades to the Marble Arts Centre. The work will include fixing a leak in the roof, repairing the front steps and installing a railing down the middle; the installment of ductless air conditioning, purchasing and installing lighting ladders for our stage lights and replacing the front door. The work is planned for completion by the end of the year.

The MAC building, a former Methodist and United Church, is 150 years old this year and the grant was awarded in the recognition of the historic nature of the facility.


$1,000 Donation to the Tweed Summer Youth Theatre Program

The Tweed & Area Arts Council presented a cheque in the amount of $1,000 to the Tweed Summer Youth Theatre recently. This funding will be used for the general operation of the theatre including fees etc. The Tweed & Area Arts Council is a non profit organization and a registered charity with Revenue Canada. As a registered charity they have a "Disbursement Quota" which requires by regulation that the funds of TAAC be directed at qualified recipients and other arts organizations including the Gateway Jazz Ensemble and the Tweed Summer Youth Theatre.


From left Roely DeVries, TAAC; Sharon Lockhart, TSYT;
Bonnie Marentette and Marjorie Buck, TAAC.
New Spin on a Classic

Tweed Summer Youth Theatre presented the musical 'Cinderella ... in the 80s' to a full audience the afternoon and evening of Thursday July 17 at the Marble Arts Centre. With set design by Elizabeth Baker, directors Chelsea King and Rebecca Lockhart did a great job organizing the cast of 16 in this new spin on the the fairy tale classic. Also impressive was the choreography led by Rebecca Lockhart and Lyndsy Boyle (Cinderella), Kieran Baker (Vince Charming), Natalie Harrison (Queen Ella), Carter Mc Kichan (King Not-so Charming Anymore), Sydney Kelly (Fairy Godmother), Shaye Tacker (Young M. C.), Eryn Boyle (Eunice), Karley Hanna (Anastasia), Morgan Cassidy (Drizella), Adelaide Baker (Gertrude), Kailyn Mask (Chad), Ethan Luffman (Lance), Turrell Christian (Gus Gus), Spencer Kelly (Jaq), Jaquin Christian (Suzy), and Tucker McKichan (Lucifer the Cat).


Kramp Invests in Marble Arts Centre in Tweed

Tweed, ON Daryl Kramp, Member of Parliament for Prince Edward-Hastings is pleased to announce a grant to the Tweed & Area Arts Council.

"I am proud to support our Tweed and Area Arts Council." said Daryl Kramp, M.P. "The Marble Arts Centre plays an important role and these upgrades will benefit our community for many more years to come."

Funding will support the final renovations needed to fully transform the building into the Marble Arts Centre. The building housing the Marble Arts Centre, formerly the Actinolite United Church (also known as the Marble Church), was built in 1864. Renovations include installing air conditioning; repairing steps, doors and the roof; and installing lighting ladders to aid in theatre presentations. The Marble Arts Centre hosts local community arts activities in theatre, dance, literary arts and visual arts.

"This $15,000.00 grant from the Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Program of Heritage Canada allows us to make further upgrades to this beautiful Community Arts Centre." "We are grateful to the federal government and in particular to Daryl Kramp for making it possible for us to continue the work." said Bonnie Marentette, Chair, Tweed and Area Arts Council.

Don Herbertson, Wayne Kay, Roely DeVries, Marjorie Buck,
Daryl Kramp - MPP, Don Degenova and Bonnie Marentette

Daryl Kramp - MPP, Roely De vries, Bonnie Marentette
and Wayne Kay

The Canada Heritage plaque presented by Daryl Kramp commemorating the Grant to Tweed & Area Arts Council


T&AAC had a busy year in 2017:

  • We received a $15,000 Trillium grant for improvements to the Marble Arts Centre, and were successful with fundraising through the annual Alberta Young Memorial Jamboree, and the Jack Vance Community & Corporate Golf Challenge
  • Highlights of the programming at the Marble Arts Centre included spring and fall sessions of the T&AAC Student Theatre, two shows by the Marble Arts Players ('Love Letters' and 'The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby'), Opera da Camera's 'Departures and Arrivals', 'Fight the Moonlight' with Tweed & Company Theatre, and the annual 'Christmas at the Centre' event 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'
  • 'Art in the Park' was held at the Memorial Park in Tweed on a lovely August day.

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